HBS Resources

“Many of my clients are trying to figure out how to take the next step. They’ve enjoyed some success, and now want to evolve to a higher level of performance. Amidst the waves of every day operations, we often work together to find the lighthouse and start swimming in the right direction.”

-H. Blaine Strickland
President, HBS Resources


Blaine is a 35-year veteran of the commercial real estate industry.  He’s held leadership positions in national companies and companies he started himself.  He’s worked as a producer, manager, broker, consultant, coach and instructor.  He’s raised money for his projects through both debt and equity sources.  Blaine’s vast experiences, along with his thirst to learn, enables him to bring a broad perspective to consulting assignments.

HBS Resources

HBS Resources was launched in 2007 as a teaching and training company. Most of the early clients were educational institutions requiring instruction in new and existing courses. Today, HBS Resources continues to be involved in a variety of instructional activities but also offers a wide range of consulting services to companies and individuals. Our work tends to fall into three categories: consulting, coaching and instruction.

Strategic Consulting

A broad array of clients has drawn me into wide variety of consulting assignments. I have assisted local, regional and national companies with developing and evolving their business plan, crafting and executing a plan to hire additional leaders into the company, creating training programs, conducting surveys, formulating policy manuals and presentations, resolving conflicts and negotiating with potential suitors.

Massimo Group Coaching

Since 2012, I have been a coach with The Massimo Group, the premiere commercial real estate coaching organization in the country.  In this role, I help producers propel themselves to a higher level of production.  I am the lead strategist for the company, and often work with broker/owners who seek organizational strategies for growth, succession, acquisition and training.

University Instruction

I have been an instructor for many years.  My first paid adjunct professor role was for Nova Southeastern University in the late 1980s.  Since then, I have been a professional instructor for the University of Central Florida, the University of Florida and the University of North Carolina.  I am also part of the faculty for the CCIM Institute and the ICSC University of Shopping Centers.