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“Many of my clients are trying to figure out how to take the next step. They’ve enjoyed some success, and now want to evolve to a higher level of performance. Amidst the waves of every day operations, we often work together to find the lighthouse and start swimming in the right direction.”

-H. Blaine Strickland
President, HBS Resources

It's hard to get the right people on the bus!

It’s usually fairly evident when a CRE team needs a new team member. It’s not nearly as easy to add that new player.

Most of us know the Jim Collins’ (Good to Great) mantra that we have to “get the right people on the bus.” But - how would we know if we have the right person for the job?

My suggestion is to follow this three step process:

Start by defining the job in clear terms. This means creating a job description in three parts: what the team does, how the new role fits into the team’s mission, and what activities are part of the typical week. Then, take a minute to describe the attributes that would have to be present for a candidate to succeed in the role.

Next, create a scorecard that will act as a sieve as you interview candidates. This scorecard has two main benefits: it increases the chances that every interview will be on point, and it enables you to rank the candidates on an apples-to-apples basis when the interviews are complete.

Third, in addition to the interviews, use other “inputs” in the process. You can have other team members interview the candidate, check references, conduct third party evaluations and have the candidate complete a skills test. (If you need some serious Excel skills in this role, asking the candidate to rate themselves on a scale of 1-10 is not sufficient!).

When you work this process, you have greatly enhanced your ability to discern whether the candidate in front of you is a good fit for the role you have designed - which means you can get the right person on the bus AND in the right seat.

If you would like to learn more about this idea, please check out the instructional video on my website (www.hbs-resources.com).