HBS Resources

“Many of my clients are trying to figure out how to take the next step. They’ve enjoyed some success, and now want to evolve to a higher level of performance. Amidst the waves of every day operations, we often work together to find the lighthouse and start swimming in the right direction.”

-H. Blaine Strickland
President, HBS Resources

Blaine has been a very valuable asset to our organization over the past three years. When I was commissioned to develop a comprehensive recruiting and training program for our peer advisory group coaches, I turned to Blaine for guidance and perspective on a wide range of initiatives. Ultimately, Blaine has helped us create and deliver a multi-day boot camp for our coaches, along with a video conference follow up program. Along the way, he has been a writer, speaker, trainer and visionary. His contributions have been game changers for us. I really appreciate Blaine’s wisdom, enthusiasm and commitment.
— Kent Kusel, Director, CBMC Leadership Institute

For more information about CBMC Leadership Institute, please visit: www.cbmcleadershipinstitute.com