HBS Resources

“Many of my clients are trying to figure out how to take the next step. They’ve enjoyed some success, and now want to evolve to a higher level of performance. Amidst the waves of every day operations, we often work together to find the lighthouse and start swimming in the right direction.”

-H. Blaine Strickland
President, HBS Resources

After 8 years of surviving rather than thriving, I brought Blaine in to help our team define goals, establish metrics, and expand our thinking about what kind of nonprofit organization we wanted to be. What was immediately apparent in our group sessions was the time Blaine took to understand our history, our people, and our successes. The shared journey through our history helped us establish a vision for our future, and more importantly, how we, together, would get there. I also worked with Blaine one-on-one to fine tune my own leadership skills. After a series of thoughtful conversations and leadership role-playing, I am energized (and totally relieved), and have emerged with a more refined sense of the kind of leader I want to be. Perhaps even what kind of person I want to be! With his astounding arsenal of creative team exercises and insight, Blaine is a master of leading people and businesses from good to great.
— Julia Young, Founder & Executive Director

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