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“Many of my clients are trying to figure out how to take the next step. They’ve enjoyed some success, and now want to evolve to a higher level of performance. Amidst the waves of every day operations, we often work together to find the lighthouse and start swimming in the right direction.”

-H. Blaine Strickland
President, HBS Resources

HBS Newsletter | December 2016
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Measuring sticks


Hi *|FNAME|* - As you reflect on your accomplishments this year, and set the stage for your 2017 business plan, it's valuable to sharpen the metrics that help you define your progress.  Here are some ideas that might help you.

"How much gas do we have?"

As boys, my brother and I would launch our boat only after we had thrust a notched stick to the bottom of the gas tank to make sure we had enough fuel for the day's adventure.  Because we lived in a coastal Florida city where the weather changed frequently and often to the disadvantage of small boats, we always checked the fuel first.  We learned that the hard way. Now, that same 'measuring mindset' applies to our businesses - how can we make effective decisions without applicable metrics?

“What gets measured gets done.”

This age old maxim is still as true as ever.  From the earliest days, farmers counted days to harvest.  Today, we apply metrics to losing weight, growing a database or creating a cash flow projection. Once you define a goal or direction for your business, the most effective first step you can take is to define an appropriate measuring stick so you can track your progress.  You might think in terms of both trailing indicators (e.g, money collected) and leading indicators (e.g., hours spent prospecting) - both can be valuable as a way of tracking - and even predicting - your success.

3 tools to enhance your metric mindset.


How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF
Educause - Using Metrics
This YouTube video on the Educause channel describes the basics of using metrics and relating them to your story line.  You've got metrics - so what?  These professors give you a place to start.


This bestseller by Gino Wickman is like the gospel of metrics. You can also read (or listen to) the 'business fable' version of this book called Get A Grip.  Strong explanation of translating strategy to metrics.  Highly recommend - great discussion starter for you and your partners.


Already using a pipeline report or other metrics - and ready for the next wave? Check out the progress using dashboard software.  The iDashBoards system is one of many, but this one has a free / personal version.  Imagine sitting down at your desk like a pilot in a cockpit - ready for takeoff - and all pertinent information at your fingertips.
HBS Resources is a coaching and consulting firm that helps individuals and companies find their lighthouse.  The lighthouse defines your intentions – what are we trying to accomplish?  What is the overarching goal that drives our actions?  If I can assist you, please call me at 407-701-6650.
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