H. Blaine Strickland

Blaine is a 40-year veteran of the commercial real estate industry.  He’s held leadership positions in national companies and companies he started himself.  He’s worked as a producer, manager, broker, consultant, coach and instructor.  He’s raised money for his projects through both debt and equity sources.  Blaine’s vast experiences, along with his thirst to learn, enables him to bring a broad perspective to the issues he addresses.


HBS Resources was launched in 2007 as a teaching and training company. Most of the early clients were educational institutions requiring instruction in new and existing courses. Today, HBS Resources continues to be involved in a variety of instructional activities but also offers a wide range of consulting services to companies and individuals. Our work tends to fall into three categories: consultingcoaching and speaking



A broad array of clients has drawn Blaine into wide variety of consulting assignments. He has assisted local, regional and national companies with developing and evolving their business plan, crafting and executing a plan to hire additional leaders into the company, creating training programs, conducting surveys, formulating policy manuals and presentations, resolving conflicts and negotiating with potential suitors.



Blaine's grandfather and father were professional coaches for a portion of their careers, and those genes have flowed to him. As a coach, he helps producers become more effective. Together, he and his clientele focus on acceleration, efficiency and durability



Blaine has been a professional instructor for many years. Along the way, he's honed his craft and expanded into a wide range of topics. Today, companies, universities, trade associations and teams call on him to provide insight, perspective and inspiration.