A View From the Lighthouse


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The mental toughness. The preparation. The willingness to persevere. Great brokers are like gladiators.



If you are going to think about the future, step back far enough to see the whole cycle.  If you panic over the current conditions, you might fall far short of your potential.


I Can't fight this feeling

We’re in a dynamic business – changes will come.  When you are confronted by an obstacle that you didn’t expect, stop and gather perspective.


chalk lines

Have you seen The Founder?  When you do, you’ll be fascinated by the scene in the movie where the McDonald brothers figure out how to become REALLY efficient.


measuring sticks

What gets measured gets done.  My brother and I learned that many years ago when we used a stick to measure the gas remaining in our little tank.  You can find a stick for your business, too.


Struggling to make changes?

"Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage” to make a change, and then you later realize that you should have made the change long ago.