James Nelson


Avison Young, NYC

"Blaine has been an invaluable advisor. We developed a well thought out business plan for my team to grow exponentially and best serve my clients. We identified the blue ocean strategy to differentiate us from the competition and find new market opportunities. I would strongly recommend him to any one or company looking to take their real estate business to the next level.”


Ed Hanley

Hanley Investment Group

“Since being introduced to Blaine by the Massimo Group, I have worked with him continuously. Blaine has provided invaluable insight as I have worked to propel our business into its second decade of service. Together, we have retooled our policies, reorganized our leadership structure, and as Blaine likes to say, “defined our lighthouse." I have never felt better about the future of our company, and Blaine gets a lot of credit for helping me become a more focused and confident leader. It is rare to find a consultant such as Blaine that has as much experience and knowledge in the commercial real estate field.”


John Crossman

Crossman & Company

“Blaine has worked with me for more than a year now, and fundamentally changed the way I run the company and conduct my life. Blaine has helped us define our goals, hire senior talent and given us clarity at many forks in the road.”


Rod Santomassimo, CCIM

Founder & President
The Massimo Group

“I have worked with Blaine for several years now. His guidance has played an essential part in redefining my role in my company and allowing the company to grow, at a significant rate. Blaine has assisted in all aspects of our organization, from sales, marketing, processes and personnel.”

Tanner Cropped.jpg

Tanner Milne, CCIM

Designated Broker-President
Menlo Group CRE

“I have worked continually with Blaine as a Massimo Group coach for two years. Blaine has been a tremendous asset to the strategic growth of our firm. He has helped to create decision making scorecards, individual and company performance metrics, and challenged me to think outside the box. With Blaine’s help, we have launched into a new market and added services to our platform that probably would not have occurred without his experience, vision, and strategic insights.”


Jonathan R. Zamir

Managing Partner
Keystone Equities

“Blaine has been instrumental in assisting our organization sharpen our focus and increase results. After spending considerable time analyzing and assessing our current operations, he put new systems and processes in place to help us meet our goals and continually measure our progress. He has a unique approach that helps simplify and focus the company. I strongly recommend him for any organization looking to enhance their business.”


Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM


"Blaine is the change agent my business needed.  After 10 years of grinding through models that yielded flat growth, headaches, and working in what Blaine calls scramble mode, Blaine challenged me to redefine my next 10 years.  He benchmarked my firm, gave me tough feedback, and immersed himself with me to develop a clear business strategy and structure to grow market share and revenue, while harvesting double-digit profitability."


Stephen P. Perna

PernaFredereick CRE

"Blaine provided our firm with an in depth look at how we conduct our existing operation and how we can become more efficient and productive. His experience in many areas of the commercial real estate industry proved extremely valuable to our entire group and as a result of his work, we’re seeing positive results in a relatively short period. Blaine also provided my partner and me with sound strategic advice on how we can take our business to a higher level of service and, ultimately, revenue. I would highly recommend Blaine for any organization who feels they may need a fresh perspective.”


John Mounce

LandQwest Commercial

“After nearly 10 years of growing our company, my partner and I found ourselves trying to take the next step. We knew we needed more strength in our leadership team. With Blaine’s expert guidance we now have crystallized our “lighthouse” and are proceeding full steam ahead with confidence. Thanks, Blaine!”


David Bailey

Real Property Experts

“Having a trusted advisor in your corner when you are building a business from the ground up is a huge advantage. I met Blaine when he instructed one of my CCIM courses and quickly realized he would be the champion I needed to take my business to the next level. Blaine has given me the tools and confidence needed to plan and launch a successful new line of business for my company. I look forward to his guidance in the future.”


Joe LaFluer


“Although I have enjoyed increasing production over the past few years, I asked Blaine to help me grow my business to even higher levels. He led me through a comprehensive assessment of our existing operation, and helped me clearly identify both obstacles hindering our growth and opportunities for significant expansion. His experience, insights and ability to get straight to the heart of the matter have been extremely valuable to me.”


Carleton Compton


Vice President
Equity, INC.

“Blaine has provided invaluable insight on the structure of my existing business and guidance to me as a high producing professional. Without a doubt, his counsel has given me the confidence to move forward. I now know what I need to do to take my business to the next level.”


David Murphy


Senior Vice President
CBRE Group

"Over the past several years, Blaine has helped my partner and me get out of our comfort zone and create concrete and actionable strategies that we have put into practice. He has offered us very valuable, innovative strategies that challenge us to employ best practices and to play to our strengths. Blaine has scrutinized our operation very carefully and helped us envision a clear path for me personally and our organization.”


Jim Spaeth

Executive Director
UNC Center for Real Estate Studies

“Blaine has instructed an undergraduate real estate course for us four times over the past three years. The course is highly rated by our students and has grown in popularity to the point where it is often oversubscribed. Blaine’s ability to convey both fundamental concepts and real world experiences is first rate. He’s a very effective presenter, smart, well read and a valuable resource to our UNC Real Estate program.”