The links below provide access to recordings of instructional webinars.

Think Like a CEO

In this live presentation made to a group of senior producers, Blaine outlines key concepts from chapters nine and ten of his book, Thrive. He presents powerful ideas for you to consider as you build and refine your business plan. Ultimately, Blaine encourages you to see yourself as the CEO of the business you are running.


Hiring for Your Commercial Real Estate Team

In this video, Blaine helps you define a hiring process that will enable you to "put the right person in the right seat on the bus."  Effective hiring is a key component of operational success, but it is not an easy task.  The information in this video will help you become more intentional - and produce the results you really want.


Prospecting is No Fun

...and I'm already too busy.  In this webinar, Blaine offers a simple, top-of-mind prospecting system that is simple to implement, takes only a small portion of your time and produces increasingly powerful results.  You can even make it into a game with your teammates.


Projecting Cash Flow

In this webinar, Blaine presents the rationale for creating and using a pipeline report as a fundamental tool in running your commercial real estate brokerage practice. Please note that you can request a copy of the template used throughout this presentation by observing the details at the end of the webinar.


Win More Listings, Make More Money

In this webinar, Blaine makes the case for approaching exclusive listing opportunities from the perspective of a professional project manager. He also demonstrates how to use a Gantt chart to convey a powerful message to your prospects.


Invoke Your Power to Convene

In this webinar, Blaine covers how to develop your own power to convene, examine a variety of ways to employ this power and why it distinguishes you in your arena.